Marine Muscle steroid alternatives are premium nutrition and muscle-building products developed by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. As a dynamic market leader and innovator, WOLFSON BERG LIMITED has been supplying and manufacturing high-quality legal alternatives to steroids for more than a decade.

With a proven track-record of researching, developing, and creating legal steroid alternatives designed to help your body perform at its best, we understand the importance of excellence. This is why all of our products are manufactured in technologically advanced facilities approved by the FDA.

Marine Muscle’s legal alternatives to steroids are formulated from high-grade ingredients, and our quality control procedures ensure each product is tested for purity and potency. The result is a range of superior nutrition and dietary products designed to help you perform at the very highest levels.

Marine Muscle Ethos

Marine Muscle is “Made in America” and only for Americans. You cannot buy these products anywhere else.  100% legal and with no side effects, Marine Muscle products are the most potent alternatives to anabolic steroids you will find on the market. They give you the edge when it comes to training, giving you superior levels of strength, energy, vitality and endurance.

We’ve done our part, by developing Marine Muscle’s cutting-edge legal alternatives to steroids designed to help you achieve the maximum results. The rest is up to you. So, what’s the best way to maximize your results? Develop a disciplined approach to your supplementation and training. Are you up for the challenge?!

Customer Support Unit

We take pride in the products we produce, and offer a high-level of customer service to match. If you need any assistance in choosing which Marine Muscle products are most suitable for your needs, we are more than happy to assist. Our customer support unit is always ready to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you prefer, please call the following number 855-645-5305 or e-mail us directly to

There is also plenty of information on this site, and our FAQs page is a wealth of knowledge aimed at helping you become a better version of yourself.

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